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Empowering communities through sustainable waste management


Trash to Treasure is an initiative founded by Anang Bhagwati in 2023. We are a team of high school students from Ahmedabad with a vision to spread awareness about waste management and providing solutions. The aim of our waste management awareness campaign is to educate and raise awareness among the public about the importance of proper waste management practices, and to encourage individuals and communities to adopt more sustainable and environmentally-friendly habits. 


Our vision is to create a world where waste management is considered a shared responsibility, where young people are aware of the impact of their waste on the environment, and where waste reduction and sustainable practices are adopted by individuals, organizations, and communities.


To educate and empower students and adults to take action towards reducing waste and promoting sustainable waste management practices in their communities, with the goal of creating a cleaner and healthier environment for present and future generations.

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