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The Waste Management Crisis: How Our Trash is Impacting the Environment

Waste management is a prevalent issue in the present society. Waste management means to dispose waste products such as industrial, biological and household in an environmentally correct way. A waste management system is the strategy to dispose, reduce, reuse, and prevent waste accumulation.

The problem of waste in India is huge. With the increasing population, the amount of waste generated every day is bound to increase. Increasing

the number of landfills and throwing waste there is not a solution as landfills can take in a limited amount

of waste. Poor waste management contributes to climate change and air pollution, and directly affects many ecosystems and species. Landfills, considered the last resort in the waste hierarchy, release methane, a very powerful greenhouse gas linked to climate change.

India generates “62 million tonnes of municipal solid waste

(MSW) annually.” Out of the 43 million tonnes of MSW

collected, about 31 million tonnes end up in landfills while only

12 million tonnes undergo treatment. This is an abysmally

small percentage.

As the amount of waste produced prominently increases, it is time that we take some action. Waste management is an important measure to be taken in order to ensure a cleaner future.

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